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Smart Measuring Feeding System

Smart Measuring feeder is ideal for handling round, rectangular, square and sandwich biscuits. The fully servo-driven Smart Measuring Loader for slug portioning has been designed specifically to ensure gentle handling of delicate and brittle biscuits and crackers on edge. The loader measures the predefined slug length, separates the slug from the channeled lane of incoming products, and accurately places it into the cross chain. Biscuits are efficiently separated by means of a Sword-mechanism. The Smart Measuring feeder has been designed for easy operation and low maintenance. The hinged covers and open design allow for fast changeovers and easy cleaning. The shovels that guide the product slug towards the flightbar cross chain can easily be adjusted to accommodate different product formats. Fully automated loading enables manufacturers to increase production output and lower production costs, while at the same time increase hygiene and allow for better use of valuable resources.



● High flexibilityDifferent frame sizes available to fit a varying number of channeled product lanes

● Efficient and gentle handlingProduct-specific slug separation methods

● Total Productive Maintenance Open design, great accessibility and fast changeovers

Technical Data

● Product dimensions (mm) min. max.

    Slug length : 60 - 240

    Slug with 35 - 75

    Slug height 35 - 75

● Capacity  

    Max. capacity 30-120 packs/minute


● Open, sanitary design

● Compact design

● Different frame sizes

● Position load set to the desired slug length distance

● Cabinet integrated into the frame

● Controlled by the wrapper

● Easy operation and maintenance

● All settings servo-controlled

● Easy set-up tools for fast changeovers

● Sword to separate slug from incoming stream

● Automatic balancing of incoming products


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