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Biscuit Sandwiching Flow Wrapping Line

● Modular cantilevered structure.

● Single or double color cream filling.

● Version with one or more cream pumps.

● The double-walled cream tank and cream pipes with water jackets allow uniform tempering of the cream.To adapt to the production environments of different temperatures.

● “No biscuit No Cream” system,and the cream supply automatically restores when there are biscuits.

● Accurate filling: The cream is applied precisely and uniformly, even when starting and stopping the machine.

● Shape: round, square, rectangle or any other special shape.

● Standard product size range is from 35 mm to 65 mm.

● Efficient and accurate servo system count and group the sandwich biscuits. 

Technical Data

● Product Range

   Product length 40 - 500 mm (1.6" - 20")

   Product width 12 - 200 mm (0.5" - 7.9")

   Product height 6 - 100 mm (0.23" - 3.9")

● Film Reel

   Max. reel diameter 450 mm (17.7")

   Max. reel weight 45 kg

   Inner core diameter 70mm (2.8")

● Output

   Max. output Up to 500 packages/min

   Max. film speed Up to 50 m/min (1970"/min)


● Self-centering film roller

● End of roll / film breakage detection

● Auto splice with knife mechanism

● Automatic film tracking

● Cold seal unwind peeling rollers

● Air evacuation manifold

● Gusseting device

● No product - no film feature

● No gap - no seal feature

● Air reject of incorrect or empty packages

......more options available on request


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