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Sandwiches Slug Loading System

Automatic Servo Driven Slug Loader which, when connected inline to a EverSmart 2 lane or 4 lane sandwiching machine, counts finished sandwiches into groups/slugs and delivers them to a conveyor for packaging.


Technical Data

● 2 lane or 4 lane servo configuration to meet production requirements.
● Flexible to discharge either single or double drop slugs, with 4-10 counts on double drop sandwiches per slug and 11-22 counts on single drop sandwiches per slug.
● Dependent on slug size, the maximum speed is 40 placements per minute or 700 sandwiches per lane (whichever comes first).
● Can handle a variety of base biscuit shapes, including round, square, rectangle or specialty shapes.
● Standard product size range of 35 mm-60 mm.
● Finished sandwich slugs are “timed” and precisely placed into conveyors for packaging.
● Positive counting mechanism delivers accurate slug counts – slugs are not measured.
● Electronically timed with the sandwiching machine to ensure precise timing for loading and delivery of sandwiches.
● Design ensures gentle handling of finished sandwiches. It incorporates specially designed pushers and retainers to handle slug of cookies on the bottom rails.
● Fully automatic design reduces labor cost, scrap, and human error, and increases throughput.


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