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Biscuit Sandwiching Machine With Row Multipliers

EverSmart offers a full range of Row Multipliers to suit a wide variety of production needs. Each model of row multiplier is designed to maximize the efficiency of the EverSmart sandwiching machine it is attached to. 

Speeds to match machine output.
Handles rounds, squares, rectangles, and special shapes.
Directly coupled to the sandwiching machine.
Equally spaces the product across output conveyor for feeding into cooling tunnels or enrobers for further processing.

Technical Data

● Easy change-over design with simple adjustments on the side of the machine.
● Sanitary design with stainless steel and aluminum construction — no painted surfaces are in the product zone.
● Unit is mechanically timed with the sandwiching machine for accuracy in product transfers.
● Combining speeds up to 700 sandwiches per minute per lane.
● Can handle a variety of base cake shapes, including round, square, rectangle or specialty shapes.
● Standard product size range of 35 mm – 60 mm.
● Products over 60 mm can be produced with optional changes to the standard machine.
● Can accommodate larger products up to 100 mm.


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